Session of the Institute for Critical Theories of Supermodernity2, Sofia, 2-3 November 2018, the James Bourchier Hall, the building at 23 J. Bourchier St


Friday, 2 November

14.30-14.50. Official opening Deyan Deyanov; chair: Darin Tenev

Session 1: The disenchantment of the world: the problem in Weber, 1chair: Liliana Deyanova

14.50-15.40. Kolyo Koev, Rationality and modern capitalism in the context of Webers work with genetic concepts (plenary presentation)

Session 2: The Critique & Humanism Publishing House: our Weberian traditionchair: Teodora Karamelska

15.40.-16.10. Antoinette Koleva, kolvo Koev, “Thenewand theoldWeber as editorial micropolitics(interim recapitulation 🙂

16.10-16.25 coffee break

Session 3: The disenchantment of the world: the problem in Weber, 2chair: Liliana Deyanova

16.25-17.50. Johannes Weiss, „Modern science, the disenchantment of the world, and the future of religion(plenary presentation, translation by Svetlana Sabeva)

17.50-18.10. Svetlana Sabeva, „The disenchantment of the world in the context of Johannes Weisss negative sociology(critical commentary to Weisss presentation)

18.10-18.30. Johannes Weiss (answer to criticisms)

18.30-18.45. coffee break

18.45-19.25. Teodora Karamelska, „Webers perspective towards the ethical rationalization of Ancient Judaism

19.30-21.30. The Institute for Critical Theories of Supermodernity invites you to a glass of wine etc. (the hall at the 7th floor, under the motto Let’s re-enchant the world!” 🙂

Saturday, 3 November

Session 4: Formal rationality and disenchantment in the theory of structures of mediation, 1 (introduction: our3 pedagogical experiment) chair: Martina Mineva

9.30-10.45. Discussing the annotations and problem contents of the lectures in the critical theory of supermodern capitalism and in the logic of the dialectical (as that theorys organon)

10.45-11.00. coffee break

Session 5: Formal rationality and disenchantment in the theory of structures of mediation, 2chair: Kolyo Koev

11.00-11.50. Deyan Deyanov, “To problematize the disenchantment of the world inand throughMarx (on the fateful encounter of modern capitalism and Galilean science)(plenary presentation)

11.50-12.30. Tanya Orbova, Disenchantment, formal rationality, Vergesellschaftung: Webers concepts in the context of supermodern acceleration

12.30-13.10. Georgi Medarov, I would annex the planets if I could!(The paradoxes of entrerpreneur rationalities from Cecile Rhodes to Elon Musk)”

13.10-14.10. lunch break you are invited to pizza, a glass of wine and free discussions by the Critique & Humanism Academic Rhizome

Session 6: The problematizations of Western European rationalism in Marx, Weber and Husserl (summary debate) – chair: Svetlana Sabeva

14.10-14.25. Svetlana Sabeva, „What can Husserls articles in the Kaizo Journal offer to us?” (introduction)

14.25-15.40. brainstorming session 🙂

15.40-16.00. Official closing Johannes Weiss; chair: Kolyo Koev

1 Every speaker distributes his or her time between the presentation and its discussion.

2 Jointly with the Institute for Critical Social Studies and the Department of Sociology and the Human Sciences at the University of Plovdiv, i.e. the Critique & Humanism Academic Rhizome.

3 I.e. the lectures in ICTSs School for the Theory of Structures of Mediation and in the Science, Technology and Supermodern Capitalism Doctoral Programme in the University of Plovdiv.